The Solution

It’s time to invest in public safety solutions


Voting isn’t the only
way to participate in the political process

Through a series of surveys, political education, and People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs), PCSF is working with those directly impacted by policing and incarceration to collectively draft a bill to replace the 1994 Crime Bill. 

This is the people’s process.

The People's Process visual flowchart

How the people’s process works


A comprehensive survey to collect quantitative data on folks’ lived experiences as it related to the Crime Bill, incarceration, criminalization, and more.

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Political education

Mass popular education to deep participants’ understanding of the components of the 1994 Crime Bill, how the government works, Participatory Democracy, and maintaining safety outside of policing and prisons.

We’re holding political education Summer Sessions all summer long with information on the ways the criminal justice system hurts our communities. Watch our Instagram stories to learn about alternative avenues for safety and freedom.

People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs)

Mass gatherings of community members and the bases of participating orgs from across the country to build community, share ideas, and brainstorm what to include in the replacements legislation.

The 2022 PMAs were held in 5 states to draft the new bill that will replace the ’94 Crime Bill.
2022 PMA Locations

Delegate Selection & Drafting Committee

Each PMA location will choose 2 delegates to represent them at the drafting convenings, where they will collectively write the legislative framework.

Advocacy & Follow Up

Once the bill is created, we will implement a system of accountability and follow up to serve as a feedback loop throughout the legislative process.

"The only way we can keep ourselves safe is if we accumulate and implement our own power.

We have to shift power from those that for literally decades have been in positions of power into the hands of our communities.”

– Marbre Stahly Butts
Protesters holding up a poster of a black fist
We the people should control the policies that impact our lives.